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Fund Managers

As a private trader, I consider it valuable to compare my performance with those of who trade other people's money to monitor my progress. If you are a trader, especially when you are trading your own money, then I suggest you do the same. It will give you answers to questions like: are you better of giving your money for someone else to manage or are you better off investing it the way you see fit? I have learnt so much from this exercise and it has helped me gain more realistic expectations of trading returns. Here is a list of fund managers I look up, have looked up or will look up eventually.

  1. AAA Capital Management
  2. Abraham Trading Company
  3. Ace Capital Management
  4. Ace Investment Strategists
  5. Adobe Asset Management, LLC (FFDP)
  6. AgTech Trading Company
  7. AIS Futures Management
  8. Alder Capital
  9. Allis Capital Management
  10. Altis Partners Limited
  11. Analytic Investment Management (ASC Program)
  12. Ansbacher Investment Management, Inc.
  13. Appleton Capital Management
  14. ARA Portfolio Management (Commodities)
  15. Arch Capital Management, Inc.
  16. Ascendant Asset Advisors, Inc.
  17. Aspect Capital Limited (Diversified)
  18. BAM Asset Management, LLC
  19. BC Capital Management
  20. Be Free Investments (Income Strategy Client)
  21. Beach Horizon LLP (Horizon)
  22. Beacon Management Corporation (Meka)
  23. Bell Fundamental Futures, LLC
  24. Blackwater Capital Management (Global Program)
  25. Blenheim Capital Management, LLC
  26. Bohemia Capital Management, LLC.
  27. Briarwood Capital Management Inc.
  28. Briarwood Capital Management Inc. (2XL)
  29. Bullfrog Capital Management LLC (Fundamental Ag)
  30. C-View Limited (1XL)
  31. C-View Limited (3XL)
  32. Calaveras Trading & Investments (Leveraged Standard 2x)
  33. Campbell & Company
  34. Capricorn Advisory Management
  35. CARAT Capital, LLC
  36. Censura Futures (Option Writing)
  37. Cervino Capital Management, LLC
  38. Chesapeake Capital Corp.
  39. Chicago Capital Management, LLC (Spread Arbitrage System)
  40. Cipher Investment Management
  41. Clarke Capital Management
  42. Claughton Capital, LLC
  43. Commodity Capital Inc.
  44. Coral Rock Investments, Inc
  45. Corcoran Partners LLC (Stock Index Trading)
  46. Cornerstone Quantitative Investment Group
  47. Covenant Capital Management
  48. Crabel Capital Management
  49. Crescent Bay Capital Management
  50. Crow Trading, Inc.
  51. Cunningham Asset Management, LLC
  52. DB Noetic Fund Ltd.
  53. DB Radix Fund Ltd.
  54. DEC Capital, Inc. (Commodity Alternatives)
  55. Dekker Capital Management, LLC
  56. Denali Asset Management, Ltd.
  57. Di Tomasso Group Inc. (Equilibrium Program)
  58. Diamond Capital Management, LLC
  59. Dighton Capital USA
  60. Digilog Capital L.L.C. (Full Portfolio)
  61. District Capital Management (Diversified)
  62. District Capital Management (SELECT)
  63. DKR Capital Inc. (Quantitative Strategies)
  64. DKR Capital Inc. (Strategic Currency)
  65. Dominion Capital Management, Inc.
  66. Dreiss Research Corporation
  67. Drury Capital, Inc
  68. Dunn Capital Management (World Monetary Assets)
  69. Dynex Corporation (Tetra 3)
  70. Ebisu Portfolio Management Ltd.
  71. Eckhardt Trading Company
  72. Eclipse Capital Management
  73. Eickelberg & Associates, Inc.
  74. EMC Capital Management
  75. Emory Capital Management, LLC (Emory Partners, L.P.)
  76. Estlander & Ronnlund
  77. Fall River Capital, LLC
  78. Financial Commodity Investments
  79. First Quadrant
  80. First Southeastern Capital Management (Diversified Financial & Currency 2X)
  81. Fitrol Investment Management
  82. Forbes, Jim
  83. Forecast Trading Group
  84. Forex Funds, LLC
  85. Fort Orange Capital Management
  86. FORT, LP
  87. Frischmeyer, Michael J.
  88. Full Cup, Inc.
  89. Future Gate Consultants Limited (AGP)
  90. Futures Trading Concepts
  91. Futures Truth Company (Multiple Systems Strategy)
  92. FX Concepts Trading Advisor
  93. Global Wealth Analytics, Inc
  94. Graham Capital Management, L.P.
  95. Grinham Managed Futures Pty Limited
  96. GrowthPoint Investments, LLC
  97. Haar Capital Management, LLC.
  98. Hamer Trading, Inc. (Systematic Diversified)
  99. Hansen Capital Management, Inc.
  100. Hansen Capital Management, Inc. (Comprehensive)
  101. Hasenbichler Commodities AG
  102. Hathersage Capital Management
  103. Hawksbill Capital Management
  104. Hill Financial Group Ltd. (Tactical Diversified)
  105. Hyman Beck & Company (FastTrac)
  106. Hyman Beck & Company (Global)
  107. IKOS Currency Fund
  108. IKOS Financial Fund
  109. Innovative Capital Management, LLC (Call Premium)
  110. Integrated Managed Futures Corp.
  111. Invesco
  112. James H. Jones (Diversified Portfolio)
  113. James H. Jones (Seasonal Trading)
  114. John W. Henry & Company
  115. JPD Enterprises, Inc.
  116. K4 Capital Management, LLC (MVS Lite)
  117. Kaiser Trading Group Pty Ltd.
  118. KBD Capital Partners, LP
  119. Keck Capital Management, LLC
  120. Kelly Angle Inc. (Genesis)
  121. Kinkopf Capital Management
  122. KMJ Capital Management, LLC
  123. Kottke Associates, LLC
  124. Kybrant Capital Management
  125. LJM Partners, Ltd.
  126. Lone Wolf Investments, LLC
  127. Mapleridge Capital Corporation
  128. Marathon Capital Growth Partners
  129. MarketEthos Capital LLC (ME Plus 3x)
  130. MERIT Management & Treuhand GmbH (Futures Portfolio)
  131. Meyer Capital Management
  132. Millburn Ridgefield Corporation
  133. Mississippi River Investments
  134. MLM
  135. Mobius Asset Management
  136. Mondiale Asset Management Ltd.
  137. Muirlands Capital Management (Diversified)
  138. Mullaney Investments Management, LLC
  139. Mulvaney Capital Management Ltd.
  140. NDX Capital Management
  141. Northfield Trading, L.P.
  142. NuWave Combined Futures Portfolio Ltd.
  143. NuWave Investment Corp.
  144. Optimal Models (Active Beta)
  145. Orion Capital Management (Index Program I)
  146. P/E Investments
  147. Pacific Capital Advisors (Vanguard)
  148. Pardo Capital Limited (XT-99 Diversified)
  149. Parizek Capital
  150. Parrot Trading Partners, LLC.
  151. Paskewitz Asset Management
  152. Pearlman CTA (Grains Plus and Financial Hedge)
  153. Pere Trading Group, LLC (Pere Trading)
  154. Persistent Capital Management
  155. Peskin, A.S. & Company, Ltd.
  156. Pirates of Profit LLC (Cash C.O.W.)
  157. Pukula & Co. (Yes Bond Yield Enhancement Strategy)
  158. Quant Trading, LLC (FX Quant 10)
  159. Quantitative Investment Management
  160. Quest Partners, LLC (AlphaQuest-Original)
  161. Quicksilver Trading, Inc. (Diversified Program)
  162. Quiddity, LLC
  163. R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management (Diversified)
  164. Rabar Market Research
  165. Raithel Investments, Inc. (Target Volatilty)
  166. RAM Management Group
  167. Ramsey Quantitative Systems, Inc.
  168. Range Wise, Inc.
  169. Red Oak Commodity Advisors
  170. Red Rock Capital Management, Inc.
  171. Revolution Capital Management, LLC (Alpha)
  172. Rhicon Currency Management Ltd
  173. Richmond Group Fund Co., Ltd.
  174. Rivoli Fund Management
  175. Rohrs & Co., LLC
  176. Rotella Capital Management
  177. Saxon Investment Corporation
  178. Scalene Capital Management LLC
  179. Schindler Trading
  180. Sequent Capital, LLC
  181. Shaffer Asset Management, LLC
  182. Smith Point Investments, Ltd.
  183. Spectrum Asset Management, LLC (Global Diversified)
  184. SSARIS (Diversified Trading Program)
  185. Steadfast Resource Associates
  186. Stein Investment Management
  187. Stewart Capital Management
  188. Strategic Ag Trading
  189. Strategic Investments
  190. Sunrise Capital Management
  191. Superfund Asset Management
  192. Swing Capital Inc.
  193. Tactical Investment Management (Institutional)
  194. Technical Niche Trading, Inc.
  195. The High Cotton Company, LLC
  196. Thor Asset Management (Optima Fund Ltd.)
  197. Traderight Limited (Global Resources)
  198. Tradex Capital Markets, LLC
  199. Transtrend B.V. (Enhanced Leverage)
  200. Transtrend B.V. (Standard)
  201. Tucson Asset Management (TAMI Macro)
  202. TYL Trading, LLC ( Blended)
  203. Tzanetatos Capital Management LLC
  204. Valu-Trac Investment Management Ltd
  205. Van Essen, Emil (Spread Trading)
  206. Vega Asset Management
  207. Villano Capital Management, Inc. (Global Diversified)
  208. Vision Capital Management, LLC
  209. Visioneering Research & Development Company (V-100)
  210. Wallwood Consultants, Ltd.
  211. Washington Asset Advisors, LLC
  212. Welton Investment Corporation
  213. Willis Trading Group, LLC
  214. Winkler Capital Management, Ltd.
  215. Winton Capital Management
  216. Witter & Lester, Inc.
  217. Wooster Asset Management
  218. YaoSun Strategic Investments, LLC (Hedged U.S. Stock Indices)
  219. Yutaka Futures Co., Ltd
  220. Zenith Resources, Inc.
  221. Zephyr Asset Management


The best traders in the world believe that to succeed in trading, you need to have a trading system that suits you.

Learn how to develop your own trading methodology to trade the foreign exchange market.


1. Individuals who do not know anything about trading, forex, shares, futures or options;
2. Individuals who are already trading other markets and other asset types like shares, futures and options;
3. Individuals who want to start trading the foreign exchange (forex) market;
4. Individuals who are looking for a business opportunity that can be done at home full-time or part-time;
5.Intermediate-level traders who are seeking ways to improve their trading methodology;
6. Advanced traders doing their research and
7. Those who may just be interested in forex or trading and investing in general.


1. To explain everything you need to know before you start trading
2. To warn you of the common pitfalls of trading
3. To accelerate your education
4. To help you develop your own trading methodology


"Your book is extremely well written. I have now read many and it shows all others to be amateur in comparison. It is the inspiration for me entering the profession with confidence after previously coming to the conclusion that Forex is nothing but a gamble."

- K. MacGregor, NSW, Australia.

"This book is very usefull for anyone wishing to learn how to trade in the forex market. The suggestions were presented clearly and in a manner that was very understandable. I personally have started using some of the suggestions outlined in the book with some success. "

-G. Gorton.